Breve Incontro

by Marco Esposito



00.00 - Italian Stallions under the Cascade Viaduct (00.12 / 23-10-2016)
00.26 - The Fate of Great Heck (Circa. 2003)
03.38 - Prisoner Escapee Boards the Train to Chicago (19.55 / 04-12-2014)
08.15 - 517 Fantasmi - Galleria delle Armi (Circa. 2009)
12.51 - The Low Padan Plain / The Venice Lagoon (Circa. 2009)


released November 20, 2016

Transcendence Series #1

Music by Marco Esposito.
Mastered by L.S Support.

The first release in the Transcendence series... At the Club to Club festival over in Turin earlier this month I took photos of a load of the people there. There was 1 guy who didn't want me to take his photo, though he was eager to talk to me about why I was taking photos of strangers. The guy instantly fascinated me, our drunken conversation covered a wide range in a very short time. I explained the idea behind Rail Cables, he said he had recorded music and ideas himself for the last 15 years with no intention of really using any of it for anything... I was very curious to hear any of it. So we swapped email addresses.... He sent me some sketches, explaining that if I liked any of it I could use it. I loved the stuff I heard.... There seemed a certain mysteriousness to a lot of it....The track titles were all just dates or years... I asked him could we collaborate, could I pepper his music with recordings I had made myself, interviews with friends about train travel and recordings I had made whilst in Italy. He agreed. His name is Marco Esposito....he has no social media...he has released no music in the past....but I think there is something pretty magical, strange and beautiful about his work. The pictures included with the digital download are all the people I took photos of at Club to Club.....Just not Marco. As he wouldn't allow it.

Listen by candle light and observe the flicker of the flame reacting to the vibrations of all the worlds trains, spirits making contact from other planes and this collage of sounds penetrating your brain.



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